Proudly Servicing Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Cessnock, Maitland & Lake Macquarie

Proudly Servicing Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Cessnock, Maitland & Lake Macquarie

Preparing for your move

Everything you need to know and prepare for when preparing for a move

You’re moving – now what?

We know that moving can be a really stressful time, and it can be hard to know what you’re expected to do in preparation for your move. That’s why we have put together this FAQ to help with common questions and concerns about your upcoming move. Just remember – If you’re not sure about anything, you can always call or email us.

The essentials


Let your neighbours know you’re moving. Let them know that it may be a bit noisy and the truck may be on the street/ in the way.

Fixed Price Moves

When you fill you out the inventory for us, we use this information to cost your job, and schedule the removalists and trucks. Your removalist will tick off your inventory on arrival and will call the office if there are any changes. While we understand minor changes can happen unexpectedly, the fixed price is an agreement that relies on your representations and any changes to it will result in additional charges. If possible, please let us know immediately so that we can properly resource the crew and update your quotation.

Waiting times and/or Settlement Jobs

Sometimes there are circumstances that will lead to wait times, such as picking up keys, or delayed settlement times. If we can reasonably time these with lunch breaks we will (between 11am – 1pm). If this is not possible, wait times are charged at the hourly rate. On fixed rate jobs unless agreed with us as part of your quotation, wait times are chargeable.


We need to be able to safely walk between the truck and inside of your house. Walk through your house and look for obstructions like baby gates, boxes in doorways, items behind doors that stop them from being fully opened etc. Remove items that are on top any furniture being moved. If room doors were taken off when moving in then please take them off for us. If you need our assistance with this you must let us know prior to your move.


Our trucks can be large (4.3m tall and 10m long). If we can use the driveway please make sure that it’s clear of cars and furniture. If the truck is not able to fit on the driveway please try to make arrangements for either side of your driveway to be clear so that we can park with the back of the truck next to your driveway. If you have a shared driveway talk to your neighbours and let them know we will be there. Suggest they park on the street the night before. If you have trouble with heavy parking, please let us know so we can come up with a solution.

“Reasonable Access”

All our quotations are based on “reasonable access”. This means being able to remove your items in a safe and professional manner using standard carries, trolleys or lifting equipment such as straps or moving dolly’s. Long driveways, elevators and stairs don’t bother us in most cases. However, sometimes we may have additional charges to cover unusual circumstances. These include items that need to be taken down a stairwell when the job has been quoted with elevator access (eg taking a lounge down 6 flights of stairs), excessive walks from where we have to park the truck significant distances from the premises, and balcony moves. If you are unsure if you have moving requirements not covered under “reasonable access” please contact us in the office to discuss.

Balcony lifts

Where it is safe to do so, we may carry out balcony lifts. This is at the absolute discretion of the crew and requires a safety assessment that will assess the height from balcony to the ground, the weight and size of the item to be moved, and the condition of the balcony. Lifts will not be done in cases of poor balcony condition, heavy items, or if the crew on the ground cannot lift the item up to the crew the on the balcony without ropes. You may require a separate quotation for a working with heights crew with harnesses or a crane.

Pets and children

If possible, try to make arrangements for your pets and children to be looked after off site. We need unrestricted access through doorways (we can’t open doors with a cabinet in our hands) and to your rooms. To load your possessions in the most professional and safest way we may need to choose items from anywhere in the house. If there are pets and small children still present, confine them to a single room that has been cleared of any furniture or other items that need to be moved.


It is much safer for your items and much quicker for us to load the truck when your items are properly packed for your move. This means light items in large boxes and plastic tubs, heavy items in smaller boxes, linen and clothing in large boxes or bags, and loose items secured as best as possible. Please tape the bottom and top of all cartons and make sure they are sealed at the top. You will find it much easier if you label your boxes with contents and what room they came from. We highly recommend using removal cartons as they are designed for moving (they are much stronger than most other types of cartons and come in standard sizes). If your items are not appropriately packed, we may refuse their carriage at our discretion (eg unprotected glassware in an open carton).

Emptying all items from furniture and whitegoods

Sometimes we get asked if clothes can stay in drawers, food in the refrigerator and DVDs etc in the TV cabinet. To protect your items I highly recommend that everything is emptied! The runners on drawers can break, full drawers are more likely to open while we carrying them, and the items inside can break or spill! Lastly the items we are moving are already heavy – when you add more weight it makes our job much harder – particularly when there are stairs. We may choose to move these items at our discretion, but we can take no responsibility for any damages to your furniture or items inside of them that may result from this.

Disassembling beds and removing legs

Unless agreed to as part of your quotation, you are responsible for any dissembling that may be required for beds, desks and tables. Beds, trampolines and almost all corner desks are always required to be dismantled. In terms of desks, lounges and tables, a good rule of thumb is if the item needed the parts off when you last moved, then they will need to come off again. Custom built items like flat packed wardrobes are often not possible to be moved as one piece. If you are unsure if dismantling is required or part of your quote, please call or email us!

Disconnecting goods

Disconnect all electronics (including whitegoods) prior to our arrival and pack their cords with the other cords so they are easy to find at your new house. Make sure any wall mounted items like TV’s and dryers off the wall and ready to be moved. If you need help with this you must contact us prior to your move date.

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